Today marks the passage of time! Several standards, beaten and left behind A fiercely burning fire within us, burns just fine Filmmakers remote control has lost the button: Rewind.
We are focused on setting new standards Whose pinnacle is a path for new things To achieve this you must face the ultimate test of standards To come here you must be willing, ready and determined to do wonderful things
Everyone wants to be a part, but not all can achieve this amazing gift Relax! You can do it because “AKACHUKWU” and your agility will guide you Prize giving day! A day to give awards, a day to give gifts We award our hidden treasures, our heroes and our great few
When you are given the opportunity, do everything possible not to lose it If you lose it, you may end up being behind and recovery will be difficult The journey has just began, the pathway cleared, new leaders for the world to meet
We are trailblazers, to others what we do is impossible, but to us impossible is not difficult.

Filmmakers 2018 Registration

Filmmakers BootCamp 2018 is a 3day activity packed meeting, carefully thought out to give practical knowledge on certain areas of filmmaking such as Scriptwriting, Acting, Editing, Directing and Film Production.
This event has been objectively set up to train Young Actors and Filmmakerson the above mentioned areas of Filmmaking.
Several Awards to be won include: Best Short Film, Best Monologue, Best Script, Best Dramatic Picture, Best Manifesto, and Best Actor.

To register click HERE and fill the form. (Anyone from any location can apply).

Then pay in a Tuition Fee of #7,000 to First Bank account number 2033036968
Account name : Emphire Touch
(Payment covers for accommodation, certificate and film production)

Send a scanned copy of teller or proof of payment to and the whatsapp numbers.

You can call or whatsapp 08138425350  08033096760
Or visit

Young, Chimezirim Charles
Research Scientist | Filmmaker | Public  …


One wrong foundation
Requires daily salvation
One lost preparation
Requires hourly supplication

Maybe he is privileged
And of course you are not
Maybe he is not of age
And you are very close to rot

Remember no one is perfect
You have something, he doesn't
What you have is your respect
Build it up, not one, not two, in dozens.

Young Chimezirim Charles


To be constantly hurt,
To be living, yet in hell.
The whether is cold, yet am hot
High blood pressure words, yet I can't tell.

Killer spirit! Killer Spirit!!
I am a bunch of smart guys
Why are you killing my spirit?
My innovations alone, generate buys

You want me to work, right!?
How can I? when you do not trust me!
You want me to deliver, right!
How can I? when all you do is hinder me!

You leave me with know motivation,
You choke me without hesitation
Throw away! we'll get a substitution
But don't forget the pain in laying a foundation

Awojobi Anthonia


I'm pretty sure it started off innocent Until someone took it a bit further And when no one seemed to complain  And everyone seemed to adjust to it  Someone else took it farther than that  And the cycle continued until it got to the stage it is now
From a little giving of gifts as a "thank you for your help"  Someone decided unless I get something in return I'm not helping And when nobody said a thing about it Everybody (or almost everybody) seemed to adopt it Until someone else decided to take from and not give back Just for the sake of it.
You  see it looks harmless at first and most times it is Until someone decides to take advantage of it  And when the majority watch and not act Someone else does worse


There is no single word
That can qualify you
Only God in heaven
Knows your worth to me
To express or explain it
I cannot even try

You are more than just first sight
You are more than my thoughts
You are more than I feel
You are more than I see
You are more than special to me
I cannot just call you my friend
I cannot just say you’re my sister
Or even my love
What you are to me,
I cannot say it in words

Author: Young Chimezirim Charles.

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When you feel weak
When you feel down
When it seems heavy
That's when you need to STRIVE
People and events may come In between you
When your shoulder is heavy and you can't move
When the burden is tearing you apart
That's when you need to STRIVE
STRIVE for you
STRIVE for what you believe
Make it heard
Cause when the road seems rough and the race slow
When you are at the peak
And you feel you can no longer stand,
When you behold the challenge
And it's glaring at you
Laughing at you as though it has won
And you feel like to quit
Fight till you win

Author: Joel Faith

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As I sat on the beach staring at life
I felt a warm embrace
Telling me to stay put
Searching through me
Holding my hand
Whispering in my ear
It kicked my imagination
Stood it's ground by me
Raced to get me
Bright enough for everyone to see
And that's Love but I call it the Unconditional Love.......

Author: Joel Faith

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You are the journey I undertake
The destination I head towards
The memories that bud laughter
You are the dream I dream off
Rainbow Spread on a Savannah
You are the wings of my fantasy
The drum within my chest playing the notes of dawn
You are more elegant than the moon
You are my moon........

Author: Joel Faith

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Each person is a universe of stories
A galaxy of narration
A human full of details
A walking novel.
Everyone is a story ........

Author: Joel Faith

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To The Strongest Person I Know.

I'm sorry you might not have gotten the kind of life you wanted.
I'm sorry you had the responsibility of looking after your family at a young age.
I'm sorry you had to know what being abandoned was like so early in life.
I'm sorry you felt rejection at the time you did.
I'm sorry you had to question your worth and meaning to people at a young age.
I'm sorry for a lot of things.
But what I'm not sorry for is meeting you;
The person who's grown up to love and protect his mum.
The person who's grown up to be someone better.
The person who would do anything for family.
The person who's learnt to accommodate people and accept them for who they are.
The person who's hurt but gradually healing.
The person who's willing to give all as long as its the right person.
The person who may or may not have trust issues, but takes risks anyway.
The person who's on the way to success, greatness and tremendous achievements.
The person who loves God…


I remember the feelings registered in the mind of my neighbors every morning whenever they hear the sound of an iron bucket hitting the floor at the well side from the backyard, oh someone must be preparing for the days job, it's another morning, another working day and school day.
How amazing that just a sound from an iron bucket could wake everyone in the compound, as everyone rush and jump out of their bed the sound of the iron bucket keeps increasing, adults rushing to the bathroom where they have to wait in turns, children bathing outside or close to the well side, everyone seems very busy, greetings seems to be the poem of every morning. But it is registered in some fellows face they don't enjoy the noise and stress but they have no option than to continue hoping for a greater change that will elevate them out of this environment.
During the hour of 2pm to 4pm my birth city always watch it's own beauty as students from different schools return home with their beaut…

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No More Connection

Lord help me! Our spirit is willing but the body is weak. I know we genuinely want to serve God passionately. But we always return to our vomit and cry in secret. Now hear this! Sexual immorality is not something we pray against or something we fast against. What we need to do is: We RUN! Pick up our shoes and FLEE!!! Our body will want it, our mind desires it, but we have to RUN! Please RUN. Don't fall prey to our fleshy desires. Sexual immorality doesn't Stop, we never get enough of it. Stop picking their calls, block them on whatsapp, block them on Facebook, infact block them from all angles. The truth is! If that call connects again, you will fall again. And you will be doing your destiny a de-service. Please my brothers and sister, let that call never connect again.

Exciting and Motivating Poems / Spoken Words

FOREVER MOVIES is a Christian film production house set up to deliver content and quality to its viewers. Emphire Touch and Forever Movies have teamed up to create the EXCITING AND MOTIVATING POEMS/SPOKEN WORDS (EMP NOV. 2017). We are giving the country's most talented, creative and passionate Writers the opportunity to be rewarded for their efforts.
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All works must be submitted before the 31st of October, 2017.
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